Types Of Dryer Vent Tubing

The main function of dryer vents in your dryer is to eliminate the hot, moisture filled air from your dryer vents. Your dryer functions by pushing in heated air inside the system that dries your clothes and moisture filled air is sucked in through the dryer vents. In absence of the dryer vent, the heat and moisture will be eliminated inside the air of your laundry room or wherever the dryer is placed. This is to heat your house, like a sauna room. The moisture will cause dampness in the walls and floor. Not to mention your temperature control system will have a hard time keeping the temperature constant when you have heated air being eliminated in the air. If you are installing the wrong type of dryer vent or have a damaged dryer vent, you probably are risking your property. The wrong type of dryer vent will increase your electricity bills and pose the danger of mold infestation.

Types Of Dryer Vents

Aluminum Foil Duct

As the name suggests Aluminum Foil ducts are usually made of a double layer of aluminium foil. These are Highly flexible ducts that are maneuvered in different ways. These are common types of dryer ducts that can range from 4 to 10 feet. Although these ducts can’t be incorporated inside the insulation, they are good enough for usual dryers. However, make sure the dryer does support aluminium foil ducts. These types of ducts are easier to clean, although they are not as durable as rigid ducts. The ducts have good toughness, they are resistant to wear and tear, somewhat resistant to fires, and can work in high temperatures as much as 150 degrees without any issue. They don’t rust as easily or leak steam or lint while using in dryers.

Semi-Rigid Metal Duct

If you are looking for something more durable while being flexible enough to be turned 90 degrees, semi-rigid metal ducts are the answer. These types of semi flexible ducts can be used in almost all kinds of cloth dryers and can be installed without professionals. The somewhat smooth surface catches less lint than foil flexible ducts.These types of ducts can’t be concealed in the wall or under the floor.

Slim Duct

Semi-rigid metal ducts are telescopic shaped metal ducts used mainly for overlapping or closely packed outlets. The skinny fit helps in venting even when the space between the wall and the dryer is 2 to 3 inches. If you have a small laundry room and need to push the dryer close to the wall, this slim fit duct can be used. They come in vertical, horizontal or diagonal installation.

Rigid Metal Duct

If your ducts are going through the wall, concealed inside the wall, in the insulation of your house, crawlspace or the floor, metal ducts are necessary. These ducts will not crush or get damaged when installed inside the wall. They need professionals to be installed, and are probably one of the most expensive types of ducts in dryer ducts. They are also one of the most durable. Cleaning of such ducts can be a trick as well. You will need professional help to clean these types of ducts.

Plastic Or Vinyl Duct

Plastic or vinyl duct is one of the cheapest dryer ducts available. However, they are one of the most dangerous types of ducts. Most dryers don’t support plastic ducts. They can easily catch fire and do nothing to prevent it. They will catch lint and get damaged frequently. Although if you are shifting between ducts and need to use plastic ducts for a few days for an emergency, you can.

Which Type Of Dryer Vent To Choose?

You have to understand a few things about ducts before installing it. Flexible and semi-flexible ducts such as foil ducts, should be used as transitional ducts between the dryer and the actual rigid metal duct. If you are installing flexible ducts inside the walls, they will cause dampness in your wall and become a fire hazard. If you are not sure what kind of ducts to buy, call professionals. If your ducts are broken or damaged, and you need new duct installation, we suggest you call professionals for that service rather than going at it on your own.

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