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Air Duct Cleaning Pros is a licenced and accredited duct cleaning company that offers duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and air quality services in Mineola, Texas.
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We have more than 30 years of experience in effective air duct cleaning to give a good air quality to your house or commercial property. Our expertise and modern duct cleaning are sufficient to efficiently clean your air ducts. Our air duct cleaning process in Mineola helps extract harmful bacteria, dust , dirt, hair for animals, dead skin, pollen and other air contaminants from your pipeline. We will clean all air ducts and sanitise them for improved air quality in your home or workplace.

Services We Provide In Mineola, TX

Air Duct Cleaning In Mineola

There are many contaminants in the air coming from outside air, some produced inside, while most of it is filtered through the HVAC system, but some are inside. It may range from dead skin, pet hair, pollen, dangelers, etc. These debris gets collected within the duct over the years and lowers the air quality. The air inside your house or office would also be polluted if the pipe is too dirty. Not only the ducts, but the other parts, are dirty after years of use. Spaces such as fans, diffusers, heat exchangers, cooling coils, condensate drain pans, motor, and the air handling unit can all get dirty with time. Accumulation of dirt in these and air duct components can lead to high electricity bills. If there is too much dirt buildup, the HVAC system has to work harder to clean air in the building. We at Air duct Cleaning Pros provide an affordable air duct cleaning solution in Mineola.

Air Duct Sealing In Mineola

Rooms that feel a little tight and uncomfortable can also mean that the ducts don’t work properly. If the ducts are leaking, they can contribute to air circulation and leakage. All places where the ducts are in your house will be reached by our team. Places like the attics, between the wall and the crawlspace, basement. Our team would have the required equipment to deal with even the places where it is difficult to access the ducts. Your summer and winter service energy charges would be much lower with enclosed ducts. When you get your ducts sealed the rooms are easy to heat or cool. The rooms are more spacious and less stuffy. Our revolutionary technology at Air Duct Cleaning Pros lets our specialists clean the entire duct system within 30 minutes. In most cases, we are going to seal your ducts on the same day.

Dryer Vent Cleaning In Mineola

Effective dryers only operate efficiently if the dryers extract moisture from the machine quickly. If the vents are clean, it extracts the moisture easily. The dryer’s cleaning also has an energy saving effect. When your dryers are clean and the dryer components use less energy to minimise moisture, your system will use less energy. If you invest in routine dryer vent washing, you can save a lot of money on energy bills. Air Duct Cleaning Pros will carry all the equipment needed to carefully purify your dryer’s ventilation system without leaving any mess behind. When you need quality dryer vent cleaning service, you can trust us. We are one of the best dryer vent cleaners in Mineola. Our professional approach makes us one of the most sought after companies for dryer vent cleaning.

Air Quality Services In Canton

We spend time several times, unknowingly, in areas with high levels of CO2, poor ventilation, air contaminants like pollen, high humidity. Low levels of oxygen in your body can lead to low energy levels, sleeping problems, headaches, and other problems. The lack of ventilation is the most common cause of poor indoor air quality. It may result in a poor air quality when all the air ducts are blocked, dirty and fresh air does not flow as they should. People are leading to bad air in a closed environment when ventilation is low. If you need air quality facilities, whether it’s indoor air quality inspection, monitoring or enhancement, you can count on us. Our company has years of experience and know-how to enhance air quality indoors. Call us today for more information.

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