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It is not often that we think about our air ducts. It works without our notice and circulates air throughout the house.
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It is when something goes wrong with the duct, your house doesn’t maintain comfortable temperature and your vents give out smelly air, that you tend to notice it. Because of the forgettable nature of our ducts, they are left out for years. As with most things that are not cleaned, the air ducts get dirty, grow mold, and provide a perfect place for pests to harbour. If you could try looking inside your air ducts. If their ducts haven’t been cleaned in years, most probably they are dirty beyond measure. Homeowners try to clean it themselves, but in the process, circulate dust filled air throughout the house. A proper cleaning needs a professional hand. Air Duct Cleaning Pros has been providing quality air duct cleaning services in Lindale for more than 30 years. Our customers know how thorough we are with cleaning air ducts. They call us every time they need air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning or air quality services.

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Air Duct Cleaning In Lindale

We provide air duct cleaning for commercial and residential properties of Lindale. If your air duct system is dirty, not functioning properly, making noise, or having any other issues, give us a call. Our team has equipment such as a duct cleaning vacuum. These duct cleaning vacuums are powerful enough to such in dirt, duct, muck and other nasty stuff from your air ducts through the nozzle. The remote control pipes can reach even the places that anyone can’t physically reach. They also have a rotary duct cleaning device. These devices are fitted with a rotating scrubber that will remove the stubborn mold spores, bacteria, dust, pollen, viruses and other harmful deposits inside your ducts. We can clean all kinds of air ducts such as round, rectangular or spiral air ducts. We will also disinfect your ducts with fungicide, bactericidal and proper sanitisation process.

Air Duct Sealing In Lindale

Your air ducts are essential for proper circulation of air throughout the house. However, your HVAC system has to work extra hard if the ducts are not properly sealed. Many ducts are sealed during the installation, however, when time the ducts loosen up and leak from various places. If you want to decrease weird noises from the duct system and also improve the energy efficiency of your house, sealing the ducts is essential. Our team has years of experience sealing ducts. We will reach with the most difficult to react ducts and seal them to make them more effective.

Dryer Vent Cleaning In Lindale

We will clean your dryer vent when the vent is clogged with lint. Even though the lint trap filters the lints, some of it, the finer one still makes it through the filter. You will notice your dryer heating up more, the clothes timing longer to dry and coming out hotter when your dryer vent is clogged. The lint in your is not safe. It can catch fire evn from the smallest of sparks. That is why it is essential you get it cleaned regularly. Call our team, and they will come to your service as soon as possible.

Air Quality Services In Lindale

If you are workplace, public building or a homeowner in Lindale, having knowledge about your indoor air quality is essential. People who stay in cramped up places and get low on oxygen or breathe in polluted air for a long period of time have higher risks of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, memory loss, low energy and insomnia. To make sure your employees or family members are breathing in safe air, air quality testing is essential. In air quality testing our team will bring in special equipment to detect different types of gas levels in the air. Whether it is CO2 levels, CO levels or NO2 levels. Many times kitchen equipment, heater and basement equipment emanate dangerous gases to your living space lower the oxygen levels in air. We will test air and determine the quality of it. If we see unusual levels of other gases, pollutants or allergens, we will suggest a possible solution.

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