Importance Of Filter Maintenance

The filter in your HVAC system does a very important function of filtering the pollutants and dirt from the outside air. If you haven’t cleaned the air filter in a long time, you should call a professional to get a look at it. When you clean the filter of your hVAC system, you are sure to see a big difference when it comes to ventilation at home. If your house has been feeling stuffy and not well ventilated, cleaning the filters will definitely help. We suggest you clean the air filter after high-use months each month and in off-peak periods at least every 3 months.

When you invest time and energy in cleaning the filter of your hVAC system, you prevent unnecessary soil and debris from piling up in your HVAC. A clogged filter can be the cause of high levels of pollutants in the air in your indoor air. Your indoor air quality decreases, which is definitely not a good thing. Change your filter on a monthly basis (or as shown on the packaging). Indoor air quality issues result in unnecessary pollution that can result in costly maintenance and early machine failure. You can keep your heating system running at maximum strength by replacing the air filter periodically. Not only that when you replace the filter periodically, you will make your house more energy efficient. Yoru HVAC system will use less energy when the filters are not clogged.

The air filter in your HVAC system helps you reduce the accumulation of dust and waste inside the air ducts and HVAC system. If the air filter is obstructed due to being clogged the air flow through the device is gradually limited. Your Hvac system won’t be able to circulate air as effectively.

Three Of The Most Important Concerns With Filthy, Obstructed Filters Are As Follows


The fan engine turns the blades towards your home and moves the air around the house. It means that the fan motor needs to work harder to drag air into the home if the air filter is blocked. This will raise the tension on the engine and cause it to fail.

Stuffy Feeling

This ensures that the air into the device is limited when the air filter is blocked. You will not feel comfortable in your rooms. You might feel nauseous, headache and other symptoms associated with bad ventilated rooms.

Bills For Electricity

It takes more electricity to cool your house if the air-conditioning system works better. If you have begun to note that the energy bills of your home are that without an rise in demand, this may be the air philtre.

Failure to maintain the HVAC system may quickly reduce the lifetime of your HVAC system to half. It’s important to schedule an annual, professional air duct cleaning service, filter replacement service as well as air quality assessment service before the cold season if you want your HVAC system to last even longer than the manufacturer claims. Over-heating, restricted flow and pollution of the whole HVAC system will lead to blocked air filters. This means that maintenance, parts and facilities are more likely to fail. Clean air filters are necessary if you want your HVAC system to stay safe , stable and cost-effective. Since Texans spend over 90 % of their time indoors, safe indoor air is essential. Daily and annual skilled HVAC repair filter replacements and cleanings are important. Your HVAC expert will also inform you about the air purifiers, air cleaners, air filtration, duct cleaning and other air quality facilities inside, as well as removing air filters and maintaining the whole systems disinfecting. The filters of your HVAC system do avery function. Dirty air filters interrupt the air flow, making the HVAC machine operate even harder and longer than expected. This cost a great deal of electricity which is expressed in the monthly bill for utilities. We suggest the purchase of air philtres with the minimum MERV(minimum efficiency reporting value) level of 7. Talk to a professional Service Champion to improve your air filtration. Technical improvement may be necessary to accommodate stronger, better philtres. If you want it to keep working effectively, you must invest money in maintaining it.

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