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Dryer vents are fire hazards for many reasons. Lint is a highly inflammable material. The lint is dry and has a lot of air trapped in it, the fibres have a lot of surface area perfect for kindling a fire.
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Even a small spark or high heat can spark a flame in the lint and cause fire to break out. Your dryer vent is filled with lint from the dryer. These lint accumulate over time and clog up your dryer vent. Removing this lint from your dryer can be quite a trick without proper tools. If you don’t remember the last time you cleaned the dryer vents, it should be time to call a professional. Air Duct Cleaning Pros can unclog your dryer vents by cleaning them with high intensity vacuum, that can suck in all lints without leaving anything behind. 

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We will make sure that all the lints and dirt is clean from your dryer vent that is jamming the venting system and leads to fires. A jammed dryer vent can also reduce the efficiency of your dryer. Your clothes take a longer time to dry, and still remain wet and hot after taking it out. Efficient dryer machines only function properly if the dryer vents can easily remove the moisture from the system. Cleaning the dryer also has an effect on energy efficiency. Your machine will need less energy when your dryer vents are clean and the components of your dryers are using less energy to remove the moisture. You will be able to save a lot of money on electricity bills when you invest in regular dryer vent cleaning. Air Duct Cleaning Pros will bring in all the necessary equipment to carefully clean the venting system of your dryer without leaving any mess behind.

Depending on how many people are in your family and how much you use your dryer you should call a professional to clean the dryer vent. In a household where there is more than two loads in a day you should call for periodic inspection every few months whereas if you are living alone only use the dryer once every two to three days you can schedule the vent cleaning once a year. One of the most dangerous things about not cleaning your dryer vent is that when the dryer vent is clogged the system heats up more and causes a higher risk of fires.

Not all of the lint is eliminated from your dryers even though you may clean your lint trap daily. Currently, the lint trap from your wardrobe absorbs just approximately 25 percent of the lint from your wardrobe. This ensures that the rest builds up in the dryer airflow system, reduces airflow and makes the dryer work harder. As a result, your monthly energy bills will start to cost more and you risk a fire. Your dryer ventilation should be washed and a maintenance schedule applies. You would be surprised to know how many fires occur just due to cloth dryers each year in the USA. Millions of dollars are pasted on fire including deaths and injuries that occur from such fires each year.

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While some areas, such as the lint catches and tailpipe, can be easily cleaned and maintained, it is highly recommended for you to take extra care in other areas of your dryer ventilation system. Air Duct Cleaning Pros revolutionary technology helps our professionals to clean the whole dryer loop within 30 minutes. We will actually clean your dryer drainage in most cases from outside your house. Cleaning the dryer vent is not, after all, an inconvenience when you hire us.


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