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Air Duct Cleaning Pros is a 30 years old air duct cleaning company operating in Canton. We have a reputation in Canton, Texas, for being one of the best air duct cleaning companies.
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We are certified and licensed professionals with workers who are highly professional at what they do. They can do their work fast with efficiency. We are constantly evolving and getting new technology for effective cleaning and sanitisation for your air ducts. Your air quality in the indoor of your house or workplace is important for us. That is why we have teams to help you achieve a good indoor air quality that will help the people inside feel healthy. We provide a complete solution for vnet and duct cleaning service whether it’s your air ducts or your dryer vent. We pride ourselves for high quality work, making us one of the most called duct cleaning services in Canton. We have professionals who have worked for thousands of houses and businesses, cleaning their air ducts, improving their indoor air quality, servicing their air ducts and cleaning the dryer vents as well. When you need services you can rely on, call Air Duct Cleaning Pros.

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Air Duct Cleaning In Canton

If you are opening your shop or workplace after a long time, we suggest you get your ducts cleaned. We will clean the ducts of all the allergens, microorganisms, dirt, debris, pest feces, etc. You will make sure when you turn on the HVAC system again the air circulating is fresh. Mold grows inside the dryer vent easily due to the presence of moisture. If you don’t want the people indoors to suffer from allergies or smell mustiness in the air, clean the air ducts. When you call our facility, we will bring in all the equipment necessary for cleaning your air ducts. We are flexible with our schedule, so let us when you need the cleaning and we will be there. Our team can locate all the places inside your ducts that need cleaning and clean them. No matter where the duct is located, or what kind of duct it is we will clean it for you.

Air Duct Sealing In Canton

If your air ducts are leaking for places, it is losing a lot of air that regulates the temperature of your house or workplace. The HVAC system has to work hard to keep the temperature steady when the ducts are in bad condition and leaking from places, You may also notice your rooms are not getting as cold or hot, as you would like it to be when the ducts are leaking, broken, pulled off or simply not in good condition. Our team will inspect the duct and see what is causing the issue with ventilation and heating or cooling. Damp ceiling, noisy ducts are another indication that your air ducts might be leaking and causing condensation. We will reach the crawlspace or attic, reach behind the wall if needed to fix the ducts. We will seal the ducts with metal sheets so the ducts don’t come loose again. In case your ducts need changing we can replace them as well.

Dryer Vent Cleaning In Canton

Air Duct Cleaning Pros will be there for you when you need dryer vent cleaning. It is not a surprise that dryer vent lint build up is not safe for your house. They lint can cause fire in your dryer very quickly. It can also cause ineffective drying in the dryer. For energy saving and effective working for your dryer, it is best you get your dryer vent cleaned every year by professionals. They will have proper equipment to properly unclog and clean your dryer vents.

Air Quality Services In Canton

If you fear the air quality in your workplace or house is not good, hire us for air quality testing. Indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air due to high concentration of pollutants. Allergens, microorganism, concentration of other gases, and microparticles are some of the polluting matters that can decrease the air quality. We will test your air and suggest a solution to improve your quality.

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