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We are duct cleaning professionals in Athens, Texas. Our company has more than 30 years of experience in duct cleaning and related services for commercial and residential properties all around Athens.
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We know how to effectively eliminate contaminants from your air ducts. Air ducts often get dirty with years of usage, when pollutants slowly start to build up inside. The pollutants can range from simple spider webs to dust, debris, mold, etc. No matter the type of air duct you have, where it is located in your house, we can easily clean it with our equipment. Clean ducts can save you a lot of money. Gomes and business places that invest in cleaning their air ducts tend to save money on heating or cooling units and also increase the longevity of their HVAC system. Your HVAC system will have less laid when the ducts are clean and properly sealed. Our experience with air ducts has made us intuitive to understand all the possible issues your duct may have.

Services We Provice In Athens, TX

Air Duct Cleaning In Athens, TX

Air ducts need cleaning once every two to three years, especially if you recently had renovation done. Ducts circulate air throughout the house or workplace if you are in a commercial location. The pollutants in the air tend to accumulate in the ducts and since air ducts don’t get cleaned like the rest of your house, that’s why the ducts get dirty. If you want to keep getting healthy and clean air through your air ducts, make sure you clean with professional help. Air Duct Cleaning pros will come to your house on one call. We will have all the equipment such as vacuums, figgers, rotary cleaners, disinfectants, etc. We will reach places that are impossible to reach on your own. Our team will make sure the ducts are squeaky clean, disinfected and do not have any trace of pest remnants or mold inside.

Air Duct Sealing In Athens, TX

If you want to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system make sure you seal the ducts. The ducts are not perfectly built, and even if they are perfectly built it is possible the ducts will start to leak after years of usage. Wobbly duct parts, unsecured ducts, holes or rusted parts inside the ducts can all lead to leaking of air. If there is significant leaking, you will notice high electricity bills from your HVAC system. To make sure your HVAC system or ducts are not the cultrpt of the high electricity bills, make sure to call our technician to come take a look. Since the HVAC system is the system that uses the most energy in your house, any issues with it will lead to high electricity of gas bills. Our team can inspect the ducts to find leaks that are letting heated or cold air to escape. We will repair your ducts and seals all the leaking places.

Dryer Vent Cleaning In Athens, TX

You probably use your dryer everyday without knowing how the lint and moisture inside the dryer is being eliminated. The dryer vents are responsible for eliminating the moisture to quickly dry your clothes in the dryer vent. The lint built up inside the dryer can easily catch fire if you are not careful. Lint is the fibrous material from your clothes that is removed during the tumbling process inside the dryer. Lint like any other fibrous material is highly inflammable due to large surface area in the fiber of it. Our team has long nozzle vacuums that an suck in the lint and unclog your dryer vents. You will decrease the probability of fires and also increase the efficiency of your dryer when you remove lints from your dryer vent. Our effective dryer vent cleaning is done quickly without much headache.

Air Quality Services In Athens, TX

If you feel stuffy inside your house or workplace, get an indoor air quality check done. Air Duct Cleaning Pros prove effective indoor air quality testing. We will check all the parts of your house to determine the levels of CO2, CO, NO2, allergens, and other microparticles in the air. If your air quality is not at par, we will suggest you need to make changes to improve the air quality.

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