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You would be surprised to know that air inside our houses and offices are more polluted than outside. Since 90 to 95% of our daily life is spent inside the house, you can imagine the amount of pollutants we are breathing in all the time.
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If the air quality of your house or office is bad you are more likely to get sick often, suffer from respiratory or cardiovascular diseases. Depending on how good or bad the quality of air inside our houses and offices is it can determine your energy level at work, comfort and health. Many times unknowingly we are spending time in places where there is high level of CO2, poor ventilation, pollutants in the air such as pollen, high level humidity. Low oxygen levels in your body can cause you to have low levels of energy, sleep disorders, headaches, and nausea among other issues. The most common cause of bad indoor air quality is the lack of ventilation. When your air ducts are all clogged, dirty and not circulating fresh air like it should, it can cause bad air quality. The people in a closed space contribute to bad air when the ventilation is poor. 
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CO2 levels will increase, pet hair, human dead skin, mold spores from the ducts are all forms of biological allergens that can cause allergies to people who are sensitive. Chemical components such as air fresheners, smoke from the kitchen, paint fumes, dust from renovation, etc can also be harmful. If you want to make sure your employees or family living inside the house is breathing in good quality air, air quality checking can be done.

Air Duct Cleaning Pros can test the indoor air of your house, office or commercial and public premises. If you have recently had a renovation, painting done on the walls or have a general concerned about the health of the people around, you should hire us for indoor air quality testing. We can check the air for concentration of pollutants which may include volatile organic components, CO2 levels, humidity, allergens, harmful gases, dust, microbial presence. We send the air sample to testing facilities that are affiliated with the government to check indoor air quality. They will tell us the presence of all the polluting components as well as the concentration of it.

Air Duct Cleaning Pros will conduct all the necessary steps to clean the indoor air of your house or business premises. Many times AC filters are clogged and do not work the way they should to filter out all the pollutants. Our efficient team can clean or replace the AC filters so it works with utmost efficiency. We will also check other air filters inside your house which may include the dryer vent or the vacuum cleaner filter. Dirty air ducts can also cause that indoor air quality to be bad. It can cause a high level of dirt in the indoor air of your house and workplace. Mold can accumulate inside the ducts, pest contaminants are another thing such as dust, dangelers that affect the air quality. Our team will inspect your ducts and clean it if it needs cleaning. We also clean your cooking vents that get rid of kitchen contaminants such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide from the air. We will also clean the carpets and rugs that can trap dust in the fibre. Many health professionals suggest thorough cleaning of carpets and rugs if you have allergies due to seasonal allergies even if you stay inside.

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