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Ducts are used to distribute heated or cooled air throughout the house. Although it is practically impossible for the ducts to be 100% efficient and be completely air tight, even 20 to 30% efficiency is also considered good.
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Air is always lost in the distribution process, however, you can make the air more efficient by sealing the leaks. Even an increased efficiency of air distribution of 10% can make a difference of thousands of dollars each year. Air ducts to leak from poorly connected ducts, as well as leaks, and holes inside the duct. If the leakage is too intense, it can cause high electricity bills and poor temperature control of your house or workplace. Rooms that feel a little cramped and stuffy, may also mean that the ducts are not working right. If the ducts are not in the right place, and moving around, it may lead to leakage and improper air circulation.
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Our team will reach all the spaces where the ducts are located in your house. Places such as the attics, crawlspaces, inside the wall, and the garage. Even the spaces where reaching the duct is difficult, our team will have the necessary equipment to deal with it. With sealed ducts your utility bill for the summer and winter seasons will be much lower. The rooms will be easily heated or cooled when you need. The rooms will feel less stuffy and more comfortable. We can also replace the faulty duct system if you need. In many places the ducts that are old and do not function the way they should and even sealing them doesn’t help the case. In such cases we will replace with new and improved ducts to make your house more safer, energy efficient and comfortable.

If you’re trying to seal the duct by yourself, it can be quite daunting. Most of the ducts are in hard-to-reach places. They are concealed behind the walls, in the ceilings, in the basement and sealing them can be quite difficult without proper training. Also you may not have the proper tools to determine what places are leaking air. For the ducts to perform better in the house and to improve the air quality of your house a professional should be hired. Our team has all the equipment to inspect your ducts and see what is causing the leakage. We will conceal the joints of the ducts that may be leaking with mastic sealant for metal tapes.

If you are environmentally conscious person you should definitely invest in sealing your ducts. Your heating or cooling system has to work less and use less energy if the ducts are sealed properly. Proper sealed ducts also reduce air pollution and help to reduce climate change due high energy consumption. Another reason why we suggest homeowners and business owners to seal their ducts properly is to prevent backdrafting. Backdrafting happens when harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels rise in the interior of the house. Mainly carbon monoxide from appliances like water heaters, dryers and furnaces leak into living spaces rather than being released outdoors.

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When we see the air ducts this exhaustion of harmful gases is not done properly, we will take the necessary action. Sealed ducts have less moisture and rust issues. Mold and dust tends to accumulate less inside the ducts when it is sealed properly. Your entire air conditioning unit is less likely to experience damages, corrode or fall from its fixture with a properly sealed air duct, which should be maintained with frequent check-ups from a local professional as well. Our customers highly recommend us to anyone who needs duct sealing services. When you need quality duct sealing services at affordable rates you can trust us.


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