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Your health not only depends on what you eat, how much you exercise but also the quality of air that you breathe in.

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If you are breathing in air that is high in pollution, allergens and CO2 levels, it does not help your health at all. Since most of the air inside your home or office comes from air ducts, it is essential that the air ducts are cleaned regularly. Air duct cleaning can get rid of all the dust and debris that gets accumulated inside the air ducts after years of usage. Contamination in the air ducts is not a surprise. The air that is circulated has lots of pollutants in it, most of which is filtered in the HVAC system but some of it makes it inside. It may range from dead skin, pet hair, pollen, dangelers, etc. These debris gets accumulated inside the duct over the years and lower your air quality.
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When the ducts are too dirty, the air that enters inside your house or office is contaminated as well. It is not only the ducts that get dirty after years of usage but the other components as well.

Spaces such as fans, diffusers, heat exchangers, cooling coils, condensate drain pans, motor, and the air handling unit may all get dirty with time. Accumulation of dirt in these components as well as in the air ducts may cause high electricity bills. Your HVAC system needs to work more to circulate air throughout the house when there is too much dirt accumulation.

If you want to keep your family or the people that live inside the house, your employees if its office, healthy, cleaning ducts is one of the maintenance you must invest in. Allergens such as dust, dead hair, spores from mold build up can cause allergies in people. The allergies can range from respiratory irritations, headache, burning eyes and itching. If you notice that tables, upholstery is getting dirty more frequently if it may be due to not cleaning your ducts.

Air Duct Cleaning Pros have all the necessary tools that can clean even the most stubborn dirt from the air ducts. We have high powered vacuum cleaners that can suck in the dirt and debris out of the ducts. If there is a microbial contamination which may include presence of mold or pests inside the ducts, we will apply a chemical solution so that we can kill all the microbiological components. We make sure there is no presence of moisture inside the ducts that can give rise to mold. Dirty ducts can also cause poor ventilation inside the house as well as bad smelling air. The mold growth inside vents and presence of insect feces can cause bad smelling air to emanate out of the ducts as well as lower the quality of indoor air. If your ducts have not been cleaned for very long, say for 5 to 10 years, you should definitely get it inspected by an air duct cleaner. Cleaning the air duct can definitely improve the energy consumption of your house. It puts less pressure on the HVAC system that controls the temperature of your house when the ducts and other components are clean.

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